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Hi there! My name is Ashley. As you can see from the sidebar, I'm a happily married twenty-something year old living in a town I call Po'Dunk, Illinois. Despite having a loving husband, four demanding fur babies, writing this blog, and a full-time job that involves shift work and more stress than should be allowed, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to go to graduate school too! So, that's why posts are so sporadic these days. You'll have to forgive me. I'm balancing a lot of plates and sometimes I drop one of them. 

In case you can't tell from the pictures, here is a more descriptive breakdown of my particular coloring: 

I am very fair with some freckles. I've been color matched to MAC NC10 and NW10, depending on the SA, Clinique Perfectly Real Liquid in Neutral 01, and Everyday Minerals in Fair Neutral. I typically use the lightest shade in any foundation or concealer, a la NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. 

I have auburn hair and light blue eyes. My eyes are also slightly hooded. Yay me.

My skin type is mostly normal, though it gets drier in the winter. It also tends to be acne and clog prone and unfortunately flushes at the drop of a hat. It's not Rosacea, just flushing. 

And here are some other random beauty facts about me: 

  • Because I flush so easily, I don't typically use blush. I just highlight my cheeks and go. Unless I'm wearing foundation, then I use blush.
  • I don't usually wear foundation everyday out of sheer laziness.
  • I'm more of an "eyes" person - the vast majority of my collection centers on eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to lip balm. Right now my favorite is Jack Black.
  • I don't usually like fruity fragrances or heavy orientals. I prefer clean, floral, or vanilla scents.
  • I also don't usually like fragrance in my skincare or makeup products. There are some obvious exceptions, though, like Lancome Juicy Tubes and Mario Badescu products.

All information contained herein is solely my opinion and has not been influenced by any of the companies or brands I mention. I am not affiliated with any of them in any way, shape, or form. All products have been purchased by me, unless otherwise stated. 

Questions? Contact me at ViaMediaBeauty@aol.com

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