Monday, December 5, 2016

A brief hello.

So motherhood has been... interesting. I don't know what I did before I had a baby, but any sense of free time has evaporated. Grad school is on hold, probably indefinitely at this point, since a demanding full-time job and an even more demanding baby toddler doesn't leave a whole lot of room for pursuing a degree that I started out of boredom. I am never bored these days.

Makeup wise, I have whittled down my collection to the center drawer of my vanity. There will be a list of empties coming (hopefully) in January, documenting everything I've used up over 2016. I think I'm at 226 things right now? I can't remember for sure. That number does include samples and things I have decluttered.

Also, since I don't have gobs of time to blog properly, I'm going to try the whole Instagram thing. I'm simply ViaMediaBeauty over there, though I don't have any posts yet. It's much easier to snap a picture with my phone, type a quick bit of info, and tag a brand than it is to bust out our big camera, take a picture, upload it to a laptop, upload it to the blog, and type a lengthy description/post.  Especially since my daughter wants to be a part of everything I do and "help." Instagram seems to be a means of staying in the beauty community without sacrificing family time.

I hope 2016 treated everyone well and thank you for sticking with me. 😊

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

I was going through some old photos on my camera and found these swatches. I'm sure this has already been done,.but just in case there's a potential Burberry shopper out there who wants to know how similar some of the brown/neutral shades are... here you go. 

I'm pretty sure these were sponge-applicator  swatches, no primer.

Midnight Brown (old), Nude, Pale Barley (old), & Shell. Indirect light, no flash.

Midnight Brown (old), Nude, Pale Barley (old), & Shell. Flash.