Monday, September 21, 2015

I finally did it... I depotted all three Naked palettes!

After mulling it over for the better part of a year, I finally took the plunge and depotted all three of my Urban Decay Naked palettes. I came to the conclusion that they would get much more use if I had all of the shades in one spot, reorganized in a way that made sense to me. In the process, I was able to weed out colors that I knew for a fact I hated (you'll notice all of the glitter bombs are missing) or that I had duplicates of and wasn't even sure I liked (ahem, Half Baked). 

Since I've been making my eyeshadows "audition" over the past few weeks, it made sense to have the Naked palettes condensed in a way that I could easily purge colors that just don't suit me. Why should I feel guilty about an unflattering color just languishing in the palette? I shouldn't. That's dumb. So, now that they're all free-form, I can say goodbye to colors that don't make me happy or make me pretty. 

While I was at it, I depotted the rest of my Urban Decay singles too... That is the sadly discontinued Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ruthless in the lower left corner and one of the few eyeshadows I've hit pan on in my life. I love it so much. I had Underground as well, but it cracked when I pried it out of the pan, so I just tossed it. Burberry's Midnight Brown is similar enough that I don't miss it. I also depotted my singles of Virgin and Mushroom and put them in my MAC palette, but I haven't taken a picture of that yet, since I'm still reshuffling the MAC and Lancome shadows that currently reside there. 

All in all, I'm quite happy with my condensed Naked Z Palette. The only singles I have floating around my eyeshadow drawer now are all Burberry. And if I ever travel, I still have my Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics in their original cases, plus Lorac Unzipped and Cargo Vintage Escape. Or, I'll buy a Unii palette or something customizable for the trip. Not that I expect I'll be doing much traveling with a baby.


Did I say baby? 

I suppose now is a good time to mention that I'm pregnant. And on bed rest. Which is why the blog was a) neglected in the first place and b) resurrected spontaneously. I have an inordinate amount of free time on my hands for the next few weeks and then Baby A will make her grand appearance. I think the massive makeup (and household) decluttering has been my form of nesting. I don't necessarily want to decorate and fluff pillows, but I have been neurotic about cleaning things and throwing away all sorts of unnecessary or baggage-laden items. Strangely, sentimentality is kind of gone right now. But I suppose it's a good thing in the long run since I've purged a.l.o.t. of stuff!

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