Saturday, September 19, 2015

Highlighter Comparison: Swatches of Shiseido High Beam WhitevsAnastasia Beverly Hills Starlight vs Becca Moonstone and Pearl

So, I've been on the hunt for the perfect highlighter lately, which is rather difficult when you're super pale. They're usually too gold or too peach or too pink... My ultimate highlighter would be something white, pearly, and super pretty! These are all that I currently own and sadly none are quite HG status. If a pressed version of Becca Pearl is ever available, I'll probably end up getting that one. I just ordered Burberry Optic White eyeshadow in the hopes that it is what I'm looking for, which would negate the need for a pressed Pearl. 

From left to right: Shiseido High Beam White, Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight, Becca Moonstone, and a mini Becca Pearl on the bottom. 

Indoor, under a lamp. You can barely see Pearl on the bottom. 

Indoor, in overcast (but natural) lighting. Unfortunately Pearl is almost nonexistent in this one because of the angle. 

High Beam White is more matte than satin and is the most subtle of the group. I have mixed feelings about it, honestly. It's still too new to me to know if it'll be amazing for other times of the year. Moment of truth - I would have returned this except for the fact that Shiseido deducts $7 from your refund. Not that $7 is going to kill me, but I think it's crap to say you'll offer a full refund and then say, "Oh, wait...." So, I'm kind of determined to make the best of it. 

Becca Pearl definitely has its place in my collection. It's super easy to use and the color is perfect for me. I prefer powder highlighters, but I'm happy to have this. I don't know if I'd repurchase another one (unless they had this mini size again) but it's not a chore to use it. 

I'm most torn about Starlight and Moonstone. They're so similar that I'm having a hard time justifying keeping Starlight. To me, it looks like the microshimmer in Starlight is pink/pale gold, which gives it more dimension than Moonstone. But you have to really look close to see a difference. On the cheeks both Starlight and Moonstone give me a really pretty pale gold/champagne shimmer/sheen. So, we'll see how they compare as far as formula and wear time before I make any decisions. 

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