Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lancome Juicy Tubes Shimmering Neutrals Set + Swatches

I know I'm in the middle of downsizing my collection, but for some reason I felt the need to own the Lancome Juicy Tube in Hallucination. I swatched it in Sephora and admired its pale, golden beige-y ness and thought that it would be the perfect gloss to throw on top of any other color. Well, since I'm more of an Ulta girl and prefer their point system, I figured I would just run down the road to Ulta to pick it up. Much to my (initial) dismay, they didn't have Hallucination in stock, but the sales lady quickly pointed out this set and appealed to the frugal shopper in me. Unlike normal holiday sets, all four of these Juicy Tubes are full size. Full size, people! And the best part is it's only $30 for ALL FOUR! They normally retail for $18, so when you think about it, this set breaks down to $7.50 per tube, which definitely beats paying $72 if you were to buy each of them individually. 

For those of you that haven't tried these, I will forewarn you that they are not for everyone. I have read so many reviews where people complain about the smell (my four range from fruity to caramel/vanilla, depending on the shade), the fact that these are sticky, and people's preference for a lip gloss with a wand (these are a squeeze tube with a slant tip applicator). So, your mileage may vary depending on what your personal preferences are. Obviously, I like them enough to have splurged for four at the same time. 

Simmer, Melon, Pamplemousse, and Caramel Gospel

Simmer, Melon, Pamplemousse, and Caramel Gospel

Simmer, Melon, Pamplemousse, and Caramel Gospel - I tried a slightly different angle, hoping you would be able to see the different sparkle/dimension.

As you can tell, they're on the sheerer side, which (again) is either a pro or a con, depending on your personal preference. I personally prefer sheerer lipcolors these days because I've definitely entered the lazy/no fuss rut in my life where I don't want to be bothered touching up lipstick all the time or having my lips dry out.

Oh, and if neutrals aren't your thing, there is a pink set also available. :)

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