Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfect Palette Tag

I've seen umpteen videos on YouTube featuring the Perfect Palette Tag and I thought it was a great idea to convert it to a blog questionnaire. I like it because I think it really hones in on what people like/look for in their palette choices, which can help other people decide if something is a yay or nay for them. 

Perfect Palette Tag Questions

1. Best Packaging  Urban Decay Naked 3 - I love the tin casing and the wavy, rose gold color. Naked 2 was on the right track, but the color is just too boring for me. 

2. Best Color Payoff  This one is a toss up between the Lorac Pro Palette and the Lorac Pro 2 Palette. The colors in both of these are just gorgeous and they don't require a ton of effort to get them to show up true to pan. And I appreciate that they don't turn into a muddy mess if I get a little overzealous with my blending.

3. Most Versatile  Probably the Lorac Pro Palette, because of the mix of mattes and shimmers and the wide (but wearable) color range. Not that the Pro 2 is bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I think some people might not like the Plum, Navy, or Jade in Pro 2, whereas the original Pro palette's Garnet and Deep Purple are actually pretty wearable, even for the color-phobes like me.

4. Best for Traveling  Lorac Unzipped because it's sleek, light weight, and has a nice mirror. The colors are great for daytime or nighttime. There's a nice mid-tone brown (Unspoken) that works well to fill in my eyebrows (someone with darker coloring would probably need something darker, obviously, or less red-based), and the darkest color (Untamed) also doubles as eyeliner, if you wanted a softer look. The golden or pink champagne colors (Undiscovered and Unreal) also work as a cheek highlight, depending on your preference for shimmer. I personally love shimmery highlights. You may not be able to tell from this description, but I've gotten a lot of love and use out of this palette while traveling. :) 

5. Biggest Regret  Definitely the Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes palette. It was expensive for the time (I think it was $52, but only had seven shadows versus the Naked palettes, which have twelve, and thus is slightly more justifiable to me). It was one of my first forays into higher end makeup, which is why I think I've held on to it for so long, although I'll be honest and admit that it is currently sitting in Makeup Purgatory while I try and decide what to do with it. In the six years that I've owned it (Let's just take a minute with that one... six years. SIX!) I've probably only used it a dozen or so times, not including the week I took it to New Orleans on vacation. It's shimmery and neutral and pretty, but there's only one matte in it and it's such a super dark brown that I'm disinclined to use it in the crease on a regular basis; I prefer it for eyeliner, instead. So... really, it's just varying shades of shimmery beige, which you all know I looooove, but I'm looking for a palette with a teensy bit more versatility these days.

6. Best Color Names  Hands down the Cargo Vintage Escape Eye Palette. If you recall from my original review here, I bought this solely for the autumnal names. Fall is my favorite season for a litany of reasons. If I could, I would leave fall stuff up around my house year-round. I mean, I kind of do, with some pictures or the unity candle from our wedding (it has maple leaves on it, if you're curious). But, back to the palette. Black Crow, Harvest Moon, Withered Leaves? I can't even stand it! They're named so perfectly! I'm not usually one that pays too much attention to makeup names, but in this instance, I make an exception.

7. Least Used  This one is another toss up, this time between Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes, Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette, and the Flirt! 40 eyeshadow palette. Like I said, Bobbi is chillin' in my "I don't know what to do with you" box, I'm actually planning on giving the Sonia Kashuk one away because I prefer the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty or Naked Basics/Naked2 Basics palettes if I'm going for mattes, and I've purged over almost half of the Flirt! shadows because the color payoff was lacking or I have duplicate/better colors in other palettes. 

8. Most Used  Since I made it a point to start rotating my collection, I'd say they all get pretty even wear time. Right now, I'm all about Urban Decay's Naked2 Basics. But when the weather finally starts cooling off for good in Po'Dunk, I'll probably gravitate toward the Cargo Vintage Escape and the Lorac Pro 2 Palette. This summer was all about the Lorac Unzipped, though. 

9. Most Loved  For nostalgia sake, I'll go with my MAC and Lancome shadows that I have depotted into my MAC palettes. Some of the Lancome colors are from my wedding, need I say more?

10. Desert Island  Again, I'd have to say my MAC/Lancome customized palettes, just because a) I've had them the longest, b) they cost the most when you tally up all of the pieces, and c) I customized them to me, so I know I have everything I want/need. Then again, I could definitely be happy with something like the Lorac Pro Palette. But since it's a "desert island," I might go for Lorac Unzipped by itself.  

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