Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finish Six by Christmas

I've been inspired by YouTubers Amber F and PrettyPistol86 to take part in the "Finish Six by Christmas" challenge. It's basically just a project pan with a catchy title.

The six products I picked are...

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Since I'm almost done with the big bottle (and it felt a little like cheating) I threw in the mini size I had laying around.

Ralph Lauren Romance Body Mist I can't even tell you how long I've had this. It's a few years old, just because I don't wear body mists. But it came in a set and I feel obligated to finish it. It was great in the summer, I guess, but I'll be happy to get through it quickly and get to an actual perfume.

Urban Decay Sellout eyeshadow This is another item that has just been in my collection too long. I have soooo many colors like this in various palettes, it's kinda ridiculous to have a single floating around taking up space. I don't know why, but I've definitely been on a palette kick lately. It seems to just make getting ready easier/faster because everything you need is right there versus trying to pair singles together and whatnot.

Maybelline Nearly There lipstick I like it, but I don't looove it anymore. Depending on my mood, it is either flattering or kinda frosty. And I really want to try Hourglass's lipstick in Whisper, which I promised myself I wouldn't buy until this one was finished, since they're both reportedly dupes for MAC's Viva Glam V.

Lancome Maquicomplet Concealer in Ivoire This one isn't my favorite, but it's ok. I got it during the hunt for a replacement to my beloved and discontinued MUFE Full Cover 2 (damn you, MUFE!) This one is just a teeensy bit dark in certain lighting, but since I'm working the graveyard shift right now, no one can really tell with minimal lighting.

Cargo Texaslash Mascara This is kind of another cheating product, but I needed to feel like I'm accomplishing something out of this whole thing.... I got this mini in the tea time deal (I think is what it was called) during the spring/summer. Of the entire tin, all I liked was the eyeshadow. But I digress. This mascara isn't amazing by any means. It's rather wet and the normal bristle brushes don't seem to do much for my lashes. But it's black and not clumpy, so I can deal with it for a few months.

I fear my nemesis is going to be UD's Sellout. There is a slight dip, but I don't know if I'll actually hit pan on that bad boy. That's a lot of shimmer, right there. Guess I'll be multipurposing it as eyeshadow and cheek highlight.

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