Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Swatch Wars! Clinique Lucky Penny vs Cover Girl Mink Eyeshadow

One of the fun things about the way I've been rotating my collection and systematically using my stuff is that I get to a) play around with it more and b) get to ferret out all of the dupes in my stash. While I wouldn't say these two are completely identical, they have enough in common that I feel I definitely do not need both. 
Clinique Lucky Penny vs Cover Girl Mink (direct sunlight). I would also like to point out the nice dip I have going in Lucky Penny. Hallelujah! I might see pan one day!
Clinique Lucky Penny vs Cover Girl Mink (indirect light)
Lucky Penny; Mink (direct sunlight)
Lucky Penny; Mink (indirect light)
They're both intensely shimmery copper colors that I absolutely love. These are two of my "lazy" pieces, that I can just slap on, blend out, throw some mascara on and I'm done. However, Lucky Penny has just a smidge more pink to it, whereas Mink is ever-so-slightly more peachy. How much is the average person really going to care about subtle nuances like that? Probably not a lot. The quality, however, is more noticeable between the two. Lucky Penny is a little softer/silkier than Mink, but Mink is in no way a bad eyeshadow. It's definitely not chalky or crumbly, which is the kiss of death for me.

Sadly, though, Clinique didn't bring Lucky Penny back in their reformulated line. I don't know if it's still available on blog sales, or eBay or other discounted makeup sites. BUT! Cover Girl's Mink is alive and kickin' online and at all the usual drug stores for around $3-4. So, I'll more than likely use Lucky Penny until it's gone and then I'll turn to Mink as a replacement. Unless Clinique brings it back, then I'll happily give away Mink to a friend. 

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