Friday, March 28, 2014

Swatch Wars! Avon Super Shock vs Jordana Made to Last Eyeliners

As if I needed any more brown or black eye liner... BUT when I was randomly browsing Avon's website at one in the morning I saw they had the SUPER SHOCK EYELINERS!!!! Ahhh!!! I heard about these bad boys yeeeeeeeeears ago when the Pixiwoo sisters talked about how amazing they were on the upper and lower waterlines and I had to have them!

So here we go... Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eye Liner Pencils vs Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils. 

Avon Super Shock in Blackout; Jordana Made to Last in Black Point; Avon Super Shock in Intense Brown; Jordana Made to Last in Espresso Point
Avon Blackout; Jordana Black Point; Avon Intense Brown; Jordana Espresso Last
Splashy, splashy! And none of them budged! Even with light rubbing.
This took some effort to smear with a paper towel. Honestly, I was more surprised that the Jordana swatches were hanging in there better than the Avon ones.
So as you can see, the blacks are fairly similar in color, but the browns are different. I think the Jordana one is a little richer than the Avon. While I've worn the Jordana liners smudged out on the top lash line (where you'd normally wear eyeliner), I can honestly say I've never done that with the Avon ones. They're soooo soft that I'm afraid it would look like a smeary mess, so I've only used them for tightlining.

Obviously, they're both pencils that need to be sharpened manually. They both contain 0.04 oz. Both make claims to being long-wearing, although Jordana specifically says theirs is "Water and Transfer Resistant." But here's the kicker: Avon's retail for $8 a piece and have to be ordered online or through a representative (which I hate!), compared to the Jordana, which are available for $2.49 at Walgreen's. $2.49, people!!! For that price, how can you not try it?

I'm working on actual swatches of how these perform in the tightline/waterline areas... so stay tuned!

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