Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation Review + Swatches

Disclaimer: I was sent this product as part of a BzzAgent campaign. The review, however, is completely my own and probably too honest for Neutrogena's liking...
I received the shade "Classic Ivory 10"
Swatch, in direct sunlight.

Blended out, in direct sunlight.

Second disclaimer: I do not wear foundation on a daily basis. So when I *do* use it, I want something that is fairly easy to work with and, obviously, a good color match. I got it in the lightest shade available, Classic Ivory 10, and while it looked very peachy as a swatch, it did blend out fairly nicely.

I think it would be better suited as a spring/summer foundation, though, because the tint would be a no-brainer if I got some color. I was constantly worrying about it blending into my neck/hairline properly. But the fact that I'm super pale isn't Neutrogena's fault. For the rest of the "normal" skins out there, this will probably be fine.

The texture, however, left something to be desired. Since it's in a glass bottle, I would assume the foundation is a liquid. It's not. It's like a melting mousse, really, that comes out in gobs. Getting it out was like banging on a glass ketchup bottle. You could literally stand it upside down, OPEN, and nothing would happen. For that reason, I think the packaging should have been a jar or a squeeze bottle.

Bare skin with a post-blemish red spot in all it's horribly magnified glory. Plus some freckles. 
Foundation blended out... as you can see it mostly covers the general redness, but the spot is still visible.

The coverage was so-so. It evened out my skin for the most part, but blemishes were still clearly visible and needed additional concealing. Also, this emphasized my dry patches like crazy (even when my skin didn't look like it had any when there was just moisturizer on) which I found quite odd for a foundation claiming to be "nourishing." That being said, it didn't really seem like it faded or slid around during the day, so they definitely got the long-wear part right. 

Given the price and how much I had to work with it and/or use other products to make it manageable, I don't think I'd repurchase. This is perhaps better suited to darker skin tones and people without dry patches.

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