Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dove Visible Care Radiance Body Wash

When winter hit Po'Dunk, it came with a vengeance. My usual body wash (also Dove, but the one designed for sensitive skin) just didn't seem to be cutting it. So while I was out and about, I bought the purple "Visible Care" body wash because it said it was a "creme." Plus, it's a huge bottle (18 oz) for $5-$7, depending on where you get it. 

On their website, Dove says: Dove® VisibleCare™ Radiance Crème Body Wash features a rich, creamy lather that delivers essential lipids to your skin. The formula with exfoliating beads helps remove dullness and visibly enhances skin’s natural radiance in just one week (with daily use).

I can happily attest to the fact that Dove is not lying! I honestly didn't think I could love a body wash so much, but I do. I had been having mild issues with KP (aka: Chicken skin, real name: Keratosis Pilaris) over the summer/autumn, just to the point where it was annoying not anything terribly serious... and the Dove Visible Care made it go away! I usually had a few bumps on the backs of my arms and they're completely gone. I haven't changed anything else in my routine. No new lotions. No new loofahs. Nothing, except the Dove. I don't know if it's something in the actual body wash itself, or if the little purple beads are the miracle workers, but I'll happily repurchase this from now on. 

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