Friday, January 17, 2014

Swatch Wars! Stila Onyx Kajal vs MAC Smolder Eye Kohl

In the search for a perfect black eyeliner pencil to use on my waterline, I figured I'd pit my Stila Kajal in Onyx against the MAC Kohl in Smolder. This one is going to be pretty pic heavy of scary close ups of my goopy, icky eyeballs. You'll see what I'm talking about... Just be forewarned...

Stila Onyx Kajal on top vs MAC Smolder Kohl on bottom. You can already see how smooth/creamy the Stila is compared to MAC, and how much blacker Stila is.
Immediately after application. Stila is on my right eye (left side of the screen) and MAC is on my left eye (right side of the screen). I did not set these with any black eyeshadow or translucent powder. 
Two hours later. You can see the outer corners are starting to wear away on the MAC side.
Four hours later. Lots of gooping in the outer corners on both sides, and it's starting to slide to the inner corners too.
Six hours later. Full-on goopies in the inner corners. NOT attractive. 
Eight hours later. Holy smudging, Batman! Color-wise, Stila is still going strong, and MAC is definitely fading.
Oh, Dear Lord... I look like such a hot mess. The MAC is half gone. And what's with that smear on my skin?! I didn't touch my eyes at ALL during this process, for fear that something like that would happen. And look... it did. That being said, the Stila side isn't pretty either and I had a piece flake off and land on my cheek, which produced a similar smear that I didn't not photograph. 
I can't say for sure if there are any winners in this battle. Stila won out in darkness and creaminess, but I definitely think there's more gooping on the Stila eye. MAC was definitely not as soft/easy to apply, and it faded quicker, but I've lined my upper lashline with it before and not had any problems. So... for versatility, I'd still pick the MAC, but I know I'd definitely have to take the pencil with me for touch-ups throughout the night. Needless to say... the hunt continues. 

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