Monday, January 20, 2014

My Collection: Storage

One of the ways I kicked off 2014 was to actually inventory my collection. It took a few hours, but I finally have it 99% accounted for. There were a few runaway products, namely my Revlon Pink Truffle lip butter (later found in a purse) and the various lip balms I have squirreled away throughout the house. Close up pictures to follow, as soon as my blood pressure calms down from dealing with Blogger and all of its pink error bars.... >:o[
My husband surprised me with this vanity a few years ago for my birthday. I love it! It definitely has enough storage for my makeup needs. Please excuse the blue painters tape on the wall.. I use it to keep my black-out curtains shut when I work third shift. 
Mostly makeup brushes on this side and an empty Sephora bag in the back for my "Empties" and "Deadwood" (explanation in an uncoming post). Some random lip products, a Mario Badescu facial spray, and eye products too short for the other container. And of course, my hubby from his USMC days!
Concealers and my CC cream, that I don't want to store laying down. The little pot is actually MAC's Pro Longwear "decanted," if you will, so it's easier/more convenient for me to use on a daily basis than trying to pump out the right amount and deal with left overs. It's also more travel friendly.
My eyeliner and mascara cup! Yes, I have the eyeliners sorted by color in the outer "ring" and the mascaras stuck in the middle. The beads on the bottom are just clear bean-fill from Michael's. 

My "Use it up!" basket. Mostly lip stuff and eyeliners, plus one foundation which I already put in my Empties bag.

My blushes, highlighters, and bronzers/contours. (Upper left drawer)
My lip drawer! And some eyemakeup remover pads. Cuz you never know. (Lower left drawer)
My palette drawer (center of vanity), primers, cream shadows, and cream/gel eyeliners. Oh, and back up mascaras.
My face products, i.e., foundation, concealers, powders. And tweezers. (Upper right drawer)
Eyeshadows!!!! And some paper and pens, two back up eyeshadows (MAC Femme Fi and Blanc Type, if you're curious) and some extra sponges/wedges. (Lower right drawer)
And my sad, sad, sadly organized nail polishes. I need a bigger box.

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