Monday, January 27, 2014

Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Stormy Navy

Loving the Maybelline Master Drama eyeliners as much as I do, I was overcome by sheer joy to see a new color called Stormy Navy. I bought the Sapphire Strength liner a while back and I hated it! It was so... blue! When I saw "sapphire" I expected a dark blue, not cobalt. I couldn't take it. I think I wore it twice before giving it away to a friend. But I digress...

I thought having a good navy eyeliner on hand would be a nice addition to the collection. Just on those weird days where black or gray isn't cutting it for me.

See how sparkly it is?! It's so pretty when it's swatched heavily, but the one line on the bottom does make it look kind of wimpy, to be honest.
Top to bottom: L'Oreal Paris Blue; Urban Decay Ink; Stila Blue Ribbon; and Maybelline Stormy Navy.
 As you can see, it's not like I needed Stormy Navy. Until I went to do this swatch comparison, I'd honestly forgotten about the L'Oreal and Stila liners I had. I only knew I had Urban Decay because it's part of the Black Market set that just came out this past fall.

To me, Stormy Navy looks like the love child of Stila's Blue Ribbon and Urban Decay's Ink. In some swatches it has a dark blue/black base with silvery-blue micro glitter and in others it comes off as very transparent. Since I have yet to actually wear this as a liner, I'll have to report back for any further.

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