Monday, December 30, 2013

Swatch Wars! Urban Decay Naked 3 vs Lorac Unzipped Part 2

Continuing with Part 2 of the UD Naked 3 vs Lorac Unzipped swatch war... here are close ups of "comparable" colors from both palettes. These are in no particular order because Blogger is being a PITA with re-arranging pictures lately...

UD Blackheart vs Lorac Untamed & Unbridled. Blackheart is a blackened plum with microglitter, vs Untamed is a golden plum (no glitter) and Unbridled is a plummy matte brown.
UD Liar, Factory, & Mugshot vs Lorac Unattainable & Uncensored. To me, the UD shadows are pinky/purpley based compared to the golden browns in the Lorac palette.
UD Limit & Nooner vs Lorac Unconditional & Unspoken. Again, UD are very pink toned. Even though Unconditional is obviously more pink than Unspoken, it's still a teeny bit warmer.
UD Trick vs Lorac Unreal & Unbelievable. Trick is the only true "rose gold" in the UD palette, in my opinion, vs Unreal which is a golden peach/champagne and Unbelievable which is a coppery rose.
UD Burnout vs Lorac Unbelievable. Burnout is more pink-toned and Unbelievable is a coppery rose.
UD Strange vs Lorac Undercover. Strange is definitely more of a "pinky cream" and Undercover is a sheer ivory.

UD Dust & Buzz - These are the two colors I was the most "afraid" of when I got the Naked 3 palette. I've heard nothing but horror stories about Dust's mirco-glitter fallout and Buzz just looked WAY too pink for my liking. However, I was pleasantly surprised by both. Yes, Dust is glittery, but if you know how to work with it, there can be very minimal fallout. And Buzz actually tones itself down when it's on the eye, especially when you pair it with Limit or Nooner. 

 So, there we have it folks. UD Naked 3 vs Lorac Unzipped! I still can't declare a winner, just because I love them for different things. But hopefully this will help others out there who are undecided.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that all of these swatches were done without a primer or base of any kind. I never use a base in swatching. In a way, I think it's kind of cheating. I want to know what the eyeshadow itself looks/acts like without "helping" it along with a primer. If it looks good as is, on bare skin, then it can only improve with a base, yes?

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