Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Swatch Wars! MAC Handwritten vs Lancome Lezard

Inspired by a question I received from a reader, I thought I would put two of my favorite reddish-brown eyeshadows against one another: MAC's Handwritten and Lancome's Lezard. Unfortunately, I think Lezard only gets trotted out for special palettes these days, as I couldn't find it as a single on, but it kept showing up in the search results for their quads/quints. 

 MAC Handwritten on the left; Lancome Lezard on the right.

Handwritten; Lezard, in natural light.

Handwritten; Lezard, inside with a flash.

As you can see, they're actually pretty close. In the pan and in the swatch, Lezard has a faint shimmer to it, but it gets less noticeable when it's blended out on the lid, which puts it closer to what Handwritten looks like. MAC describes Handwritten as a "Rich chocolate brown," and it's one of their Matte2 shades. Lezard was/is a Color Design, but unfortunately I couldn't find an official description of it anywhere. To me, it's also a "rich chocolate brown" with a touch more red and a bit of a sheen. Both colors can also be built up more than what I swatched, for those wanting a more intense look. I hope this was helpful for anyone wanting one or the other. :) 

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