Monday, December 16, 2013

Nuvail Nail Treatment

For reasons that are still unknown to a slew of doctors, my nails have been freaking out for about two years now. At that time, I also started noticing a lot of hair falling out and my skin getting super dehydrated, including my lips, which made wearing lipstick an impossibility. So... after several rounds of tests, the best they can come up with is a) a slow thyroid b) iron deficiency and c) vitamin B and D deficiency too. Yay me. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of what my nails looked like when they were at their worse, but these will still give you an idea...

One day, I noticed the nails on my ring and pinkie fingers were lifting away from the nail bed. They were HOT to the touch, like I'd burned them, BRIGHT pink and it looked like I had a French manicure starting in the MIDDLE of my nails. Then it started spreading to the other nails. It came and went in severity and in cycles. Doctors had no answers. It's not a fungal infection (thank God!); I don't submerse my hands in water for long periods of time; I haven't worn acrylics since my wedding (6 years ago); I type a lot, but I use the pads of my fingers, not the nails themselves... everything question led to a dead end. 

Since starting a super intensive vitamin regimen, things have gotten a little better, but they're still not where they used to be.

As you can see, my ring and pinky fingers are still the worst, i.e., discoloration and lifting.
Those nails are trimmed as close to the quick as possible, but my ring finger looks like it's grown out. It's not. It's just lifted. >:o|

Same thing on the left hand, the ring and pinky fingers are the worse.

So my dermatologist prescribed a new treatment called Nuvail to see what would happen. 
She's hoping that the combination of vitamins, plus this, will strengthen the nail itself and
keep it from lifting so much.

The weird, lipgloss-like wand/applicator that comes with it.

You're supposed to apply this all over your nail once a day, usually at bedtime, every day. Once a week, you're also supposed to take non-acetone nail polish remover and clean off your nails, just so this doesn't get gunky around your cuticles. It's totally clear and leaves a semi-satin "buffed" look to your nail, which is nice. The Nuvail website says you can apply nail polish over it, but the polish has to be removed before the next treatment. So, in theory, you can wear nail polish for one day before you have to take it off again. Which, for me, that's usually all I get out of perfect nails anyway and then they start chipping.

It's too early to tell if it's working yet, because I just started it on December 7th, but I'll do updates along the way since I couldn't find very many reviews on this stuff. Needless to say, I hope it works, but I'm not loving the price tag. Even with insurance, it'll still cost you around $30-$45, depending on which pharmacy you go to. But at this point, it's not about vanity at all. It's about keeping my nails attached to the nail bed, where they should be, and not feeling like someone is shoving burning pieces of metal up there when they start to lift. 

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