Tuesday, July 3, 2012


To say that I'm busted is a bit of an understatement. It's not that I meant to abandon/neglect/flake out on my blog, it's just that life got in the way. In addition to my extremely demanding/stressful/non-flexible full-time job, I went back to grad school in January for my Master's. Needless to say, trying to juggle my hectic schedule meant that something had to give. Unfortunately, my blog was one of those things to suffer. 

The time away has given me some good perspective, though. I've kept up with the beauty world despite not being "active" in posting/commenting on others and I was able to evaluate what I can do with the Via Media and what I want out of the whole experience as a blogger. While the revelations certainly are not earth shattering, it is beneficial to be able to spell it out for myself - and others, if you're curious.

The biggest change in my "old" blogging mentality to the new: I am sticking to my low-buy. For various reasons, I decided to go on a low-buy around the same time I pushed pause on blogging. I think they were interrelated. Since I started the blog, my beauty budget was WAY out of whack and I felt compelled to buy the latest stuff so I could a) look like I was on top of the trends and b) so I could show off swatches. In hindsight, those were ridiculous reasons and I ended up not liking half of what I bought. I had to remind myself that waiting has its virtues, i.e., someone else does the legwork for you and you don't end up buying crap just because it's lemming-central on the makeup boards. 

I know the child in me gets impatient having to wait that extra week or month or whatever until Product X gets to my local store, but the adult in me is satisfied knowing that when I actually do make a purchase now, I'm almost guaranteed to be satisfied with it because I've been able to read reviews, see swatches, and make sure that my new addition will actually serve a purpose in my stash, versus getting mad love for a week and then getting shoved into a drawer and forgotten. The goal of my life now, especially with having little-to-no spare time, is streamlining. I'm trying to streamline everything from my clothes, to my house, to my makeup. 

What I am not: I am not the blogger to announce breaking beauty news. I can direct you to those who do. I am not the blogger for crazy, awesome swatches of every new collection coming out. I can tell you who those ladies are, too, if you don't already know. I am not a beauty guru or makeup artist/professional. Again, I'll tell you who those people are if you want to know. What I am is simply a beauty enthusiast.

So, what should people expect? Pretty much more of what I used to post. Reviews of various products. Eye/Lip/Nail of the Days. And maybe some inspirational pictures or helpful articles/links. I tried to post every day or every other day the last time around and that put unnecessary pressure on me. Now, I've resolved to post whenever inspiration strikes. I have four posts pending from before my hiatus that will probably be the first up, but after that, there's no telling how often I'll be posting. I apologize in advance for that. I know some bloggers are way more busy than I probably am and still post three times a day, but I do not want to make a promise and then not follow through. 

I'm reclaiming my blog from myself and taking it back to what it was originally intended for - a place for all of my weird, random thoughts on the beauty world. At the end of the day, I hope people will be entertained or at least a bit more informed by my attempts to streamline the beauty stuff in my life. 

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