Friday, November 18, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Hair Care

Normally I would run away screaming at the words "oil" and "hair care." I mean, I thought the whole idea of shampoo and conditioner was to get rid of oily hair, not add more to it. But I was intrigued after reading some ridiculously rave reviews.

So, I headed out to my local Walmart and snagged the Dove Nourishing Oil shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in smoothing cream. I had to hunt down the serum at Walgreen's, since Walmart hadn't ordered any. Each bottle (or tube, if you will) runs about $5, give or take, so I wasn't too concerned about buying the whole line all at once considering I spend $20 on one bottle of my usual shampoo/conditioner (the ginormous version Redken All Soft, in case you were wondering).
The shampoo is your basic white, floral-y smelling shampoo. I was kind of hoping for a lot of almond smell, since this is infused with almond oil, but alas... no almond smell. Don't get me wrong, it still smells pretty good. And the fact that it lathers nicely and rinses clean is also beneficial. Oh, and if you're worried about the oils breaking you out, don't be. I haven't had any sort of problem with breakouts anywhere, and my skin is uber picky when it comes to oils and clog-inducing ingredients.
For my first time out, I figured I'd just get the "normal" conditioner as opposed to the Daily Treatment Conditioner which is supposed to have 3 times the moisture of the regular one. The conditioner has the same smell as the shampoo and a little goes a long way. I don't have to let this sit in my hair for very long before it starts to take effect. And no matter how often I use it, it has yet to weigh my hair down or make it look dull (which can sometimes happen when I get a little overzealous with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatment).
I thought this was an ok leave-in smoothing cream. I've tried a few in my day and as a whole they don't really impress me. If I air dried my hair with this stuff in it was just meh, but I thought it looked/felt better if I used a flat iron. It would probably work well with blow-drying your hair, too, but I try to limit how much heat I use on my hair.

While it looks yellowy in the bottle, it's actually a clear serum. However, it is thicker than other serums I've tried. I don't know if it's the extra oil or what. Whatever it is, though, I really like it. It puts a nice shine on your hair, without making it look sticky or greasy, and I thought it helped define my waves/curls when I let my hair air dry.

Overall, I can say with absolute certainty that the shampoo and conditioner have officially knocked Redken All Soft off their high-end stool (and Biolage and Matrix and all the other expensive stuff I've tried, too). As long as Dove makes the Nourishing Oil line, I will buy them faithfully. Like I said, no matter how often I use them, they never weigh my hair down or make it dull. And while Redken and Aussie might have made my hair soft, the Dove products make my hair so silky, it's addicting. I can't keep my hands out of my hair after I've used this stuff. I don't even really have to brush my hair anymore! It sounds weird, but it's true. My hair is so silky and smooth when I use this that knots don't even have a chance to form. I usually just run a brush through my hair when I wake up and that's it. Seriously. I used to use this Biolage fortifying & de-tangling spray after I got out of the shower and I don't ever reach for it anymore because the comb just slides through. Like buttah!

For $10, I would say to at least try the shampoo and conditioner. You never know. You might become an "Oil + hair care" convert like me.

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