Monday, October 17, 2011

Travalo, the refillable perfume atomizer.

Being an American who unfortunately doesn't travel a whole lot, I had never heard of the British company, Travalo, until last night when I was watching Sam, one of the Pixiwoo sisters (who are also British, in case you didn't know).

Travalo is just what the title says, a refillable perfume atomizer. It's an ingenious concept that I was thrilled to find. All you do is pop the spritz-top off of your big bottle of perfume (so the little white stick is all that's left) and then you press the Travalo on top of the stick and pump it, like you'd be spraying perfume. The silver/clear version pictured is the one I bought, so you can see how much liquid you've transferred from the big bottle to the little atomizer, and on the solid Travalos, there's a "window" on the side that you can see through.

Ingenious, right?! Especially for perfumes that don't come in the handy-dandy "purse size" version, like my beloved Pure DKNY. The Travalo is 0.4 oz and it hold 65 sprays. It's a little bigger than your average lip balm, but fits easily in your purse or pocket, or wherever. And it's been TSA approved, for those of you that are frequent travelers, so you don't have to worry about it exploding with cabin-pressure or leaking in your carry on.

I found mine at my local outlet mall in one of the perfume stores for $13. They're also available online, ranging from $11-16 (on the Travalo site they're $15.99).

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