Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zoya Touch

Shay; Pandora

Recently Zoya had a Buy One Get Two Free promotion and since I had been eyeing the colors Shay and Pandora since earlier this summer when the Touch collection launched, I figured it was a good time to buy. Other than online and in certain salons, Zoya is available (with limited colors) at Ulta. Each bottle retails for $8, regularly.

Shay; Pandora - inside.

Shay is a neutral nude color on me that's slightly peach, slightly tan depending on the lighting. It's enough to give my nails some color but is the ultimate office-appropriate shade. There's some shimmer to it, which keeps it from looking dull in my opinion.

Pandora is a dusty pinky nude on me. It's the "cool" color of the color, as opposed to neutral (Shay) or warm (Minka, which I didn't feel the need to buy since it looks practically yellow in all the other pictures I've seen). Pandora was a little darker than I expected, but I still really like it. It's pretty and conservative, which is great for me since my head boss decided to instill a new rule at work: conservative, neutral light colors only. :(

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