Monday, September 12, 2011

L'Oreal Le Gloss

Nude Illusion on top, Raspberry Splash on bottom.

L'Oreal's new Le Gloss lip gloss is quickly becoming one of my new favorites. As the only drugstore lip gloss to include Argan Oil in the formula (for the time being, anyway), it's nice and moisturizing with a wide range of colors to choose from. I wouldn't throw out all of my lip balms and just rely on these, but it's nice to just throw this in my pocket and go run errands and not have to worry about dry lips.

While most of the colors look glittery/shimmery, there are a few creme choices as well. They cost around $7-8, depending on the store/sale at the time.

Nude Illusion; Raspberry Splash - in normal lighting.

Nude Illusion; Raspberry Splash - in sunlight.

Nude Illusion

Raspberry Splash


Sarah said...

I have sensitive skin. Do you think argan oil would break me out?

Ashley said...

I don't believe so. My skin is really picky and I haven't had any adverse reactions. Argan oil seems to be pretty friendly to most users, including people with acne. And if it's just a small amount on your lips, you'd probably be fine. :)