Monday, August 29, 2011

Target Beauty Bag

In March I posted (here) about Target's Beauty Bag giveaway with coupons and samples. And now...

It's back!

Click here to answer a few simple questions and then just wait for your little sample bag to show up in a few weeks.

A word of warning though, the website has been running a bit slow due to all the requests.

Urban Decay Underground and an EOTD

UD Underground eyeshadow has been getting a lot of love from me lately. Like, a lot, so I thought I would dedicate a whole post to it. :)
Underground is one of Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadows (retail: $18) and I think it's worth every penny. It's such a gorgeous golden-bronze-shimmery taupe color that really does change depending on the lighting. Sometimes it's darker, sometimes it's lighter. It can be a nice neutral, or you can vamp it up in a brown smokey eye. Love it!

I normally don't post pictures of products' packaging, but this one is so cool/pretty that I couldn't resist. At any rate, it beats the stupid robot/dinosaur combo on the front of UD's Ruthless eyeshadow.

In the pan, being all pretty.

One swipe!

Base: TFSI
Lid color: UD Underground
Highlight: UD Sellout
Eyeliner: UD 24/7 in Zero, topped with UD Creep on top; UD 24/7 Whiskey topped with UD Underground on the bottom
Mascara: Maybelline One by One Volum Express in Very Black

Friday, August 26, 2011

NOTD OPI La Paz-itively Hot

Please excuse my ragged cuticles. I've seriously been slacking on the cuticle balm and I was in a hurry when I applied this.

We're on our final day of the OPI Mexico Collection: La Paz-itively Hot is just that - a hot pink/fuchsia with blue/purple iridescence in certain light. It took three thin coats to get full coverage (or two thicker coats if you're impatient, like I was on my second hand) and for some reason this formula seemed a little thinner/watery compared to some of the others.

This is my ultimate summer nail polish, though I very rarely wear it on my fingers because it's just so... POW! And my workplace kind of frowns on that, which generally sucks for everyone involved.

But I hope everyone enjoyed this past week and what's left of their summers. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NOTD OPI Your Villa or Mine?

Day Three of the OPI Mexico Collection: Your Villa or Mine? is a beautiful light pinky-peach coral with orange and gold shimmer. Some people don't like all the gold shimmer/frost, but I think it's gorgeous. It certainly makes it more wearable for me, since some corals clash with my skin.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOTD OPI You Rock-apulco Red!

Day Two of the OPI Mexico Collection: OPI You Rock-apulco Red! is a bright red with a strong pink undertone, which I think makes this perfect year-round. There's also a touch of silverish shimmer, which I love. Two coats is plenty for complete coverage.

Monday, August 22, 2011

NOTD OPI Tijuana Dance?

Waaay back in 2006, OPI launched the Mexico Collection. Being that I love Mexico (the food, the culture, the landscape) and that I loved the colors, I bought 4 bottles. I figured I would showcase them together this week. And I did check around online - they are still available. So, I'm not being cruel or anything by taunting you with long-discontinued colors. :)
First up is Tijuana Dance? It's a weird kind of peachy-pinky-beigey nude. It looks dusky pink in the bottle, but flashes with a purplish iridescence and then looks sheer peachy at times on your nails. This was two coats.

Friday, August 19, 2011

H2O Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment

Having finally run out of my eye cream, I was in search of a new one. I also needed more of my beloved H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. Much to my aggravation, when I went to Ulta to get more moisturizer they were completely out of the single jars. But they did have a trio of the Face Oasis Cleansing Water, the Hydrating Treatment and the Eye Oasis, all for $40. Since the Hydrating Treatment is normally $34, I figured I would try out the other two for a whopping $6.
I've been using the Eye Oasis at night for a couple weeks now and I'm not very impressed. I honestly haven't worn it under makeup yet, just because I'm afraid it'll pill or ball up (since it's a gel) and because it's not very moisturizing. It stays kind of sticky for a while and then once it's absorbed, it's pretty much gone. I don't notice any of the supder hydrating or plumping claims the Eye Oasis makes. And I don't really understand what the difference is between the Eye Oasis and their regular Hydrating Treatment...
Needless to say, I'll keep using it at night until it's gone, but I won't repurchase, especially since the full size .5 fl oz tube is $24.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maybelline Mocha Motion EOTD

I really like my Maybelline Eye Studio shadows, so I figured I would like their classic Expert Wear shadows. ... Not so much. The Expert Wear quad I picked was Mocha Motion from the Chic Naturals collection because we all know you can never have enough taupe. While some shades were decent, others were chalky and not very pigmented. Personally, I would rather spend the extra $2 or $3 and get the shimmery, pigmented Eye Studio quads.

Barely there off white; warm shimmery brown; chalky cool brown; shimmery cool brown.

The Expert Wear quads have each of their shadows numbered to correspond with a different step in the application process. You can always feel free to ignore that structured set up, but I thought I'd apply/wear them as intended so people could get a better idea of what it looks like.

Lid color: 1) Off white all over, then the 2) warm brown on the lid
Crease: 3) Chalky cool brown, with 4) shimmery cool brown in the outer corner (even though step 4 is actually a "liner")
Highlight: 1) off white
Eyeliner: MAC Kohl in Smolder
Mascara: Maybelline One by One Volum Express in Very Black

Monday, August 15, 2011

NOTD Finger Paints Chroma Coral

Just a quick NOTD, featuring Finger Paint's Chroma Coral. I normally reserve this as a "toe" color, but since my nails were actually in decent shape I thought I'd take advantage of them. This is a deeper coral than I normally gravitate toward, but pulls slightly more pink in person than BAM! Orange!

Friday, August 12, 2011

LOTD Maybelline Summer Sunset

I'm very picky about red lipstick, but I'd been eyeing Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Summer Sunset for months before I finally caved. Some people complained that it pulls pink, but on me it's more of a berry red, which is perfect. I don't think I look good in orange-reds or brown-reds. But I'm golden when it comes to anything with a "blue" base. And I love the fact that it's not chock full of gritty glitter. It has some micro-shimmer to it, but you can't really feel it when it's on your lips.
Swatched once on top, three times on the bottom. In sunlight.
And in shadows.
Applied heavily and then blotted.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clinique Polar Blues: Take Two

This was actually my 4th of July look, as thrilling as it is/was. It was really hot and humid and buggy in Po'Dunk, so I didn't want to run the risk of anything melting/smearing/fading throughout the night.

Lid color: The ice blue from the Clinique Polar Blues quad
Highlight: The off white from the Clinique Polar Blues quad
Eyeliner: Stila Smudgestick in Blue Ribbon on top, topped with the dark blue from the PB quad; Clinique CreamShaper liner in Deeb Cobalt smudged under lower lashes; Stila Kajal in Onyx to tightline
Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume in Blackest Black

Monday, August 1, 2011

EOTD Coastal Scents Dusky Orange

This one was using my Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette. I wanted to do something a little different than my usual "brown/neutral." So, I opted for what I call a "dusky orange." The crease color was actually a brown-tinged purple, with a pale orange lid color. Unfortunately, the purple doesn't really show up too well on the screen.

I didn't realize the second photo was blurry until I uploaded it. :( I decided to leave it, though, because it shows how shimmery the eyeshadow is.

Eyeshadows: All from the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette (sorry, they don't have names or even numbers...)
Liner: Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in Deep Brown
Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume in Blackest Black