Monday, July 4, 2011

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments in Sugar Plum and Sugar Rose

When I strolled into Sephora a couple weeks ago, I wasn't looking for any Fresh products. In fact, I was there for a different lip product entirely (Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy, if you're wondering). While I was chatting with the sales associate about said Jack Black product, she told me that her favorites were the ones from Fresh.

Having been around the beauty block once or twice, I already knew about Fresh's cult following and "fave" status with numerous bloggers and beauty editors. However, the $22.50 price tag for one lip balm was steep, even for a lip balm-addict like me.

The solution?

Sephora's exclusive Sugar Lip Duo.

Sugar Plum; Sugar Rose

Sugar Rose; Sugar Plum

For $22.50, Sephora lets you either get one full-sized Sugar lip treatment (0.15 oz) or two mini-sized ones (0.08 oz). Since I was torn between Rose and Plum, I figured why not both, with an extra 0.01 oz to spare? (There is also a Honey version, for those interested in a tan-ish color.)

Chock full of moisturizers, softening agents and SPF 15, I really do have a hard time deciding which one I like better. Both give a sheer, natural color that is buildable and wears off evenly. I think it's perfect for summer days, when you want some color, but don't want the stickiness of a gloss. They also work well under regular lipstick, too.

A word of caution, though. As you apply the product, it shifts from side to side and you get little dents in the side from the metal tube. Nothing horrendous, since I have some lipsticks that do that too. But after carrying Rose around in my pocket for a couple hours, I went to apply it and the tip snapped clean off, like I'd taken a knife and sliced through it! I was peeved, for sure, but I was able to squish it back into place and after it cooled, it went back to looking somewhat normal. Lesson learned. I carry it in my purse or jacket pocket from now on, not my jeans.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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