Friday, July 15, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Feline

So... I had a LOTD for you featuring the new Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick in Feline. ... Buuut ... when I uploaded the picture it was terrible. Terrible! And by that point, I'd already decided I hated the lipstick and I lost it somewhere between my house and my car, while I was waiting to take it back to the store.

So... I guess I have two lonely little swatches and a rant about this lipstick. Enjoy! :)

Swatched once on top and 3-4 times on the bottom.

Cover Girl claims that by using their fan-dangled lipstick, the Lip Perfection, you'll improve the look and texture of your lips in just seven days. I fully intended to put that challenge to the test, so I trotted over to my local Walgreens and picked up a tube. I'd seen a couple swatches online already and knew which ones I definitely did not want. The rest was all guesswork, based on the colored plastic on the end of the shiny purplish tube.

I ended up getting Feline, a super high frost pinky color that can (and does) throw a peach sheen in certain lighting. And when I say super high frost, I mean super.high.frost. Like 80's frost. It wasn't flattering. At all. Which is half the reason there isn't an actual LOTD picture.

But the thing that I hated about this lipstick, more than the unflattering frost, was the fact that it left a pinky-peach ring around my lips after it faded and it dried my lips out. For something that it supposed to replenish your lips, I couldn't believe how parched my lips felt. Sure, the lipstick felt nice at first. It has a good slip, like a shiny lip balm, but after you've worn it for 30+ minutes, my lips started to dry out. I kept reapplying the lipstick (like a balm, hoping for more moisture) and it just kept getting worse. Then the dreaded ring showed up a few hours later and I knew that was the first and last Lip Perfection lipstick I was buying.

It seems like most of the beauty bloggers love this new line from Cover Girl, but I say Maybelline Color Sensational is still my favorite drugstore lipstick.

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