Monday, June 20, 2011

NOTD China Glaze Light As Air

This post was inspired by Kimberly, since she just did a post on light purple/lilac nails. :) Even though I think China Glaze's Light As Air is more of a spring color, I still like wearing it because the weather here in Po'Dunk has been cool/stormy, which is good for me but not so good for the people that actually want it to be summer. Being a redhead w/ pale skin & eyes + the sun = BAD! So I'll take my moderate temperatures and clouds any day of the week. :)

Back to Light As Air... it's a pale lilac creme with a slightly gray quality from the Up and Away 2010 collection. It was a little thick to apply, so two coats is plenty to get a nice, smooth finish. Sally Hansen's Delphinium looks like it could be a really close dupe, in case you wanted to try it out without having to track down Light As Air online.


Kimberly said...

Oh! Look! That's me!! :)

Central California has been having some strangely cold/wet weather this spring as well...but it's starting to get horribly hot a pale redhead I have a hard time entering summer too!

Also. I think I NEED Light as Air. NEED it. Just to compare it to Delphinium in person. Thanks for sharing this one, I was so curious after reading your comment!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you liked it! As soon as I saw your post, I went digging through my nail polishes for Light As Air. It's a nice break from all the pink. :)