Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swatch Wars!

Ever since I saw Taylor Swift's flawless porcelain skin in the ads for the Cover Girl NatureLuxe foundation, I had to have it. But then, once I got it, I had to put it to the test against my trusted Clinique Perfectly Real foundation.

Clinique Perfectly Real in Shade 01; Cover Girl NatureLuxe in 305 Alabaster.
Each bottle contains 1 fl oz.

Clinique on top, Cover Girl on the bottom.

Clinique on top, Cover Girl on the bottom.

My initial thoughts are as follows...

Clinique: typical "foundation" smell, neutral undertone, more coverage upon initial application, natural finish, $24.

Cover Girl: light, fresh cucumber smell, pink undertone, much easier to spread, very sheer but buildable, natural finish, $13.

To put them to the ultimate test, I wore Clinique on the left side of my face and Cover Girl on the right. I didn't wear any powder what so ever. I wanted to see each formula and how it reacted with my skin. I feel like powder would have hindered that experiment by controlling oil/shine, etc. I also tried photographing each side, but either my camera or my photography skills are lacking (probably the latter...) and you couldn't see a difference. At all.

Anyway... after 11 hours of wear, here are my final thoughts.

Clinique: Slightly cakey and creasing under my eye (note: this never happens with powder). A bit had rubbed off onto my shirt collar and you could tell the foundation was "sitting" on my skin when you looked really closely (I mean, in a magnified mirror type of close). There was still a good amount of coverage, though.

Cover Girl: Definitely shinier than the Clinique side. It seemed like it "absorbed" into my skin, which seemed to diminish some of the coverage. Not terribly, but the blemishes on the right side were a little more noticeable. Also, I worry that the jojoba oil may have caused me to break out the following day. (Since I'm still tweaking my skincare regimen, I'm not 100% sure I can blame the foundation, but I can say that I didn't get any breakouts from the Clinique side...)

Final verdict? I'm honestly still on the fence. I feel like I can trust the Clinique foundation to hold up through anything (like my wedding). But I think the Cover Girl would be perfect for an everyday "I'm in a hurry and don't want to spend the time blending" kind of look. I'm going to keep playing with the Cover Girl and get back to everyone on break-out thing.


  1. Good post!

    Is the cucumber smell annoying while you're wearing it? Or does the smell go away? I don't want to smell like cucumber. lol

    Also, I'm a huge anti-shine, full coverage girl. So I'll probably skip out on this after reading your review! So thanks for saving me money! :)

  2. I'd say the cucumber smell lasts for a while. Longer than the Clinique, anyway. When I initially swatched the CG on my hand, I could still smell it after I'd finished my makeup and got dressed. So... 30-45 minutes? It wasn't super over-powering, but people sensitive to fragrance might not like it.

    Always happy to help! :)

  3. What powder do you use to set the Clinique foundation?

  4. @Kelsey - I just use whatever I happen to have on hand. :) I tend to bounce back and forth between Cover Girl Loose Powder and Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder. But for the test, I didn't powder either side.


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