Monday, February 7, 2011

American Beauty Beauty Boost Overnight Radiance Cream

I really, really love the idea of American Beauty's stance. I love Ashley Judd (their one and only spokesperson) and I love what they're trying to portray with their line. That being said, almost none of their skincare has worked for me. :( It is fragrance galore.

American Beauty's Beauty Boost Overnight Radiance Cream is described as: An intense emollient night cream that not only provides moisture but also firms, soothes and brightens skin as you sleep.

A 1.7-oz regularly retails for $28, but you can get it cheaper during sales or with Kohl's coupons.

Pros: lightweight for a cream, no SPF, made my skin softer (but I didn't use it long enough to determine any firming or brightening qualities), absorbed quickly.

Cons: It's very, very perfumey. Those sensitive to fragrance should either do a patch test or just stay away. It didn't take away all of my flakes and the icing on the cake was when I woke up with a painful cystic pimple on my chin. Oh, and it also made the pores on my nose (usually small, thankfully) look ginormous. :( Back to Kohl's it went.

I couldn't find a full listing of the ingredients anywhere online (and I wasn't doing any ingredient sleuthing at the time that I had the actual product in my possession), but this is a partial list of ingredients, per Kohl's website.

•Key ingredients:
•Linoleic Acid - barrier repair complex
•Acetyl Glucosamine - exfoliator
•Mulberry Root, Plant & Yeast Extracts, Vitamin E and Vitamin C Derivative -skin brightening complex
•Shea Butter - emollient
•Sodium Hyaluronate - moisturizer

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