Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swatch Wars!

Today's Swatch War is a silver eyeshadow show down. :)

NARS Night Life vs Lancome Style Section

I originally purchased NARS Night Life a few years ago when it first came out as a limited edition item. Now it's a part of their permanent Nightlife collection. NARS describes Night Life as "silver with silver particles." $23 for .07 oz.

Lancome Color Design eyeshadows run a little smaller (.04 oz) than the NARS and a little cheaper ($17), but the Lancome one is hands-down my preferred color. While their website doesn't describe Style Section, I would describe it as a light, icy silver with a slight blue undertone.

NARS NightLife, Lancome Style Section

With one swatch, you can clearly see the color pay offs are not the same. Night Life was my second NARS purchase and it was my second NARS disappointment. Style Section, on the other hand, was exactly what I was looking for. It's a true, light silver that actually shows up on my skin and isn't chock full of glitter.

But what I really hated about Night Life? The silver particles! I don't mind glitter every once in a while (like UD's Sidecar) but Night Life is ridiculous! There isn't any actual eyeshadow to this product - it's strictly silver glitter smashed together into a powder! I think this was one of the biggest let downs I'd ever had. You open the box and it looks so pretty and then you try to put it on and it looks like a fairy just spit in your eye. :(

The winner? Clearly Lancome Style Section. You get a beautiful, icy sheen with nary a speck of glitter to be found. It looks great with black, blue and gray eyeshadows or even just by itself.

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