Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mark i-custom Palette

I'm not a huge fan of ordering cosmetics online or through another person (Avon, mark, Mary Kay etc) because I'm neurotic about running out and not being able to get another quickly. But, I was intrigued by mark's whole concept and couldn't resist these four eyeshadows. For $5, you get an 0.08 oz square that you can put into whatever palette you want (mark's come in three sizes; mini, mezzo, and mega - mine is a mezzo).

left to right: Biscotti, Victorian Lace, Minx and Fairy Dust

Please excuse the white "line" going through the palette - the flash reflected off of the mirror at the top and I didn't realize it until I'd already deleted the main picture off of my camera. :(

left to right: Biscotti, Victorian Lace, Minx and Fairy Dust

Biscotti is reportedly Lauren Conrad's favorite color. I personally like Victorian Lace and Minx the best. Fairy Dust can be a smidge orangey on me, but I still like it. I had some other matte colors from mark and I have to say, I prefer the shimmery shades. The matte ones were hit and miss, but generally on the chalky side.


Barbie said...

Great swatches! I haven't tried mark yet, mainly because I don't like ordering through people. lol But this palette is very cute!

Ashley said...

I don't like ordering through people, either! LOL. But that's the good thing about mark - you can order it online without needing a rep. :) If you *have* a rep, they get points or commission or something, but you don't have to have one. Their website is, in case you needed/wanted it. :)