Thursday, January 20, 2011

LOTD Flirt! Chickstick in Obsess

It's honestly a toss up between Flirt! Obsess and Maybelline's Nearly There for my favorite nude. I think it honestly depends on my eye makeup as to which lipstick I reach for.

As with all of Flirt!'s Chickstick lipsticks, Obsess is as "smooth and creamy" as Flirt! says. It never dries my lips out and it wears evenly. Obsess is a shimmery champagne nude that I think would be flattering on all skin tones.

Flirt's lipsticks retail at $12, but Kohl's almost always has sales or 15-30% off coupons, so you can usually pick them up for much cheaper. I, however, don't mind paying full price for them because they are that awesome. :)

Sorry, it's such a blurry pic. I was trying to get all of the shimmer in the sunlight and sadly this was the best picture I had. :(

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