Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flirt! Eyeshadows Collection

For the MAC lover in all of us, Flirt! is a good source of dupes that won't break the bank. Since they're both owned by Estee Lauder, it's not really surprising that the colors tend to overlap. The first dupe, for example, that springs to mind is Flirt!'s Glamourazzi, which is reportedly indistinguishable from MAC's Trax. I don't own either, but I have seen plenty of swatches on line and they are really, really, really similar.

But, anyway... One of the best things that Flirt! does is issue a 40-eyeshadow palette at the end of each year. The one I have is from 2009, but when I looked at the 2010 one, they didn't look all that different. And I don't tend to wear bright/crazy colors, so one palette is A-ok for me.

The "suggested" retail is $29.99 at Kohl's, but we all know Kohl's and their sales, so you can usually pick this up cheaper - especially now that Christmas is over. They're the size of a regular MAC/Lancome eyeshadow and fit easily into the MAC pro-palette or into the E.L.F. quads, if you wanted to depot this baby.

Flirt!'s single Dreamy Eyes eyeshadows are equally nice if you don't want the whole, ginormous palette. Each single "retails" for $12 and you get 0.07 oz per pan (Versus MAC's 0.05 oz at $14.50 a pop).

top row: Sugar Daddy, Witchy
bottom row: Vibrant Violet, Chocoholic

Sugar Daddy is a nice, pale champagne that's not too yellow and not too pink. It's perfect for an all over wash or highlighting.

Witchy is a light taupe. Slightly shimmery and very neutral toned. It's good as a wash, crease color, and for eyebrows (for blondes/light redheads, anyway). Can't get more versatile than that, eh?

Vibrant Violet was definitely a step out of my comfort zone, but it just screams SPRING! And when paired with black eyeliner, I think it looks pretty cool.

Last but not least is my absolute favorite of the four singles I own: Chocoholic. In my opinion, Chocoholic is a must have for blue-eyed gals. It's such a pretty red-copper penny color that doesn't make you look tired or bruise-y. I use it in the crease with Sugar Daddy on "lighter" days and all over the lid for a smokier look.


  1. Hey! I've missed your posts lately!

    I've seen Flirt! at Kohls before, but never really bothered to go over there. Maybe next time I'm there I'll take a peek! :P

    Please enter my MAC/Stila giveaway here!

  2. Aw, thanks! I just finished catching up on all of your posts that I've missed. I can't believe the weeks just flew by! And I'll definitely check out your giveaway. :)


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