Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Makeup Horoscope

I found this link on one of the makeup forums and I thought I would share. It's kind of interesting, but I would never try mine. Ever.


Your best eyeshadow color is: Burgundy/berry

One to try: Sephora Colorful Mat Mono Eyeshadow in Mat. No. 7 (a matte deep burgundy), $10

Why: This color inspires depth, strength and love. It helps you move through times of transition. Wearing shades of burgundy increases your perception, persistence and drive.

How to wear it: "Use a matte burgundy for lining and defining eyes, or use a shimmery texture for a jewel-toned smoky eye -- sweep the color around a [black] lined and smudged eye," Karsten says.

I don't know who "Karsten" is (even though it probably says on the website...) but burgundy for lining your eyes? Umm... no. I see that leading into white rabbit territory. Unless maybe you have a darker complexion. But for me... red hair + pale skin + burgundy eyes = eeek!!!

But for fellow Scorpios interested in achieving a burgundy eye, Emily from EmilyNoel83 just did a great tutorial based on Keira Knightley's burgundy smokey eye - linky link.

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