Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lipgloss Collection

I know I haven't done any LOTDs with lipglosses yet, but here's my collection! Er, rather, all the lipglosses and balms I could round up at the time. I know for a fact that my Korres Lip Butters and Palladio Tinted Lip Balm in Champagne Fizz are not pictured. They were in my purse and I was too lazy to go out into the garage to get it. :)

The whole shebang.

Random lip balms/moisturizers.

Almay, American Beauty, and Bath & Body Works glosses

ELF, Flirt!, Lancome, and mark glosses

Neutrogena, Palladio, and Revlon glosses (and balm).

1 comment:

Barbie said...

I have the B&BW gloss in Frozen Daiquiri! It's a pretty gloss, and tastes pretty good too! :)