Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LOTD Lancome Colour Design in Vintage Rose

When it comes to lipsticks, Lancome is one of my favorite brands. Sure, they're on the pricier side, but I've never had a problem with them drying out my lips, fading funny, or turning wonky colors that look nothing like what's in the tube.

Lancome's Colour Design in Vintage Rose is no exception, either. For $22, you get a beautiful sheer lip color that is best described as a mauvey-rose. Ok... what's so special about that? Well, nothing really... until you add the hint of blue iridescence and then pow! Prettiness! In the tube, it actually looks like a pink/pale blue duo-chrome. Some people claim the blue undertones help make their teeth look whiter. I'm not sold on the whole optical-illusion/color play theory (if you don't believe that, please refer back to my Radiant Red post), but I am sold on the my-lips-but-better color Vintage Rose gives me.

Nekkid lips.

Vintage Rose

Swatched indoors

Another swatch - I was trying to show off the subtle sheen you get, without it looking frosty or glittery. The blue irridesence is only visible in the tube itself and doesn't even like to show up when photographed. :( But trust me, it's there. And I think it's the secret ingredient to making Vintage Rose an awesome color.

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