Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lip Stains

I'd just like to start off by saying that I'm not a lip stain kind of person. I find them difficult to work with and I get just as much "staining" power by blotting down a highly pigmented lipstick. I currently have a whopping three lip stains in my collection and after doing this round of swatching, I've decided to discard all of them. What an uplifting way to start out a post, eh?

Anyway... the first lip stain I ever bought was Beaute's Liqui-Gel Stain in Fever. I was suckered in by Karla Sugar's fabulous swatching skills and the trap was complete with Beaute teamed up with her to run a sale through her blog. The 10% off code helped me stomach the $29 price tag these suckers carry.

Then, I was lured into the world of lip stains again by Twilight. Yeah, Twilight. The one and only world of sparkling vampires. This time, the culprit was Rosalie Hale, or rather, the makeup artist on the first movie. I was intrigued by her super dark red lips and when I found out they used Vincent Longo's Lip & Cheek Gel Stain in Liquid Kiss, I wanted it! I also got Vincent's stain in Sweet Appollonia because I thought it would be a good base for berry lip sticks. For $22.50 a pop, I should have just stuck with regular ol' lipstick.

From left to right:

Beaute Fever, Vincent Longo Liquid Kiss, Vincent Longo Sweet Appollonia

I did two "layers" of color for each and then tried to "blend" it out a little for a sheerer look. All three of these are designed for lips and cheeks, but I was never brave enough to try it on my face.

This was after scrubbing my arm with Clinique's liquid Take the Day Off...

The customary nekkid lip pic...

Beaute's Fever - Out of all three shades I have, this one is the most flattering (in my opinion). However, it was still difficult for me to work with. It took a lot of patience and careful dabbing to blend it all out and get even coverage.

Vincent Longo's Liquid Kiss - this is so not what Rosalie's lips looked like in the movie. I think someone was lying. But, this does give you a nice reddish brown color, if that's your thing. For me, it just didn't look good with my coloring.

Vincent Longo's Sweet Appollonia - ZOMG! Scary! The only time I could ever imagine wearing this out in public would be for Halloween... and you're going as Maleficient.

However, Sweet Appollonia did redeem itself a little after I had a) scrubbed a majority of it off and b) applied Aquaphor over it. Toned down, it's ok and I would wear it outside the house, but I still don't love it enough to keep.

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Barbie said...

I've never tried a lip stain, and I guess I won't be eager to do it any time soon now! Haha! The last picture, Sweet Appollonia, looks pretty the way you're wearing it. :)